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How Window Washing Professionals Make Your Windows Look Brand New

Have you ever watched a professional window washer their job, and wonder how they get such a perfect job so quickly, and seemingly with only the use of the simplest of tools? When it comes to window washing, there are some important facts about the trade that you should know before hiring a local window washing company.

The real key to a professional window washing job is all about the right window washing tools. This includes a good quality squeegee, scraper, window bucket, and microfiber cloths. Your professional window washer should be using a squeegee 10" to 16" in length made from quality brass or stainless steel. To compliment the work of the squeegee, they should also be equipped with a quality window scrubber and an extension pole (if necessary) if working on high windows. You will want to make sure they are using microfiber cloths, which are lint-free, won't leave streaks, and will not scratch your window surfaces even if they're tinted.

Their technique should be as follows: their bucket should be filled with cool or lukewarm water (never hot) and add a small amount of professional cleaning liquid. They should always begin by wiping away any cobwebs or debris on or around the window. Once they begin to wash the window you should notice they are careful not to use too much of the water and cleaning solution on your window. This is wasteful and actually hinders the cleaning process. If they ever need to use their scraper to get rid of stubborn spots, be sure that the window is wet. A professional window washer will never scrape a dry window.

So, how do they leave your windows so sparkling clean and streak-free? This process can only be achieved through the use of a dry rubber blade. Professional window washer will always start this blade against the top of the window, pulling it down smoothly in one fluid motion to the bottom of the window, using a rag to dry the blade between each stroke. They are always careful to avoid touching the squeegee to any dry portion of the window in order to prevent drips and streaks.

To complete the window cleaning process, skilled window washers will always use a clean, dry microfiber cloth around the edges of your windows. This process will soak up any remaining drips that always seem to hide in the small recesses of your window frames. Your windows should be crystal clear and sparkling clean!

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